Health Benefits of Yoni Eggs To Women

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The practice of the yoni egg was kept secret and used only by the Asian concubines and emperors to ensure longevity, to keep them young and beautiful, full of energy and active sexuality. Yoni eggs, as sold at, are used to improve health, both physically and spiritually. Exercises provide more force to lift sexual energy and distribute it to all the vital organs of the body. The womb of a woman is the most powerful center of gravity in the body.


Unfortunately, it tends to focus on the negative energy that comes from the various disharmonious states we tend to accumulate, but through these exercises the negative energy is eliminated and replaced with a state of well-being and relaxation.

Yoni eggs can be used by any woman (including during pregnancy) to tonify the vagina and superficial muscles of the pelvic floor, acting on other involuntary muscles.

To know which gemstone yoni egg is best you need to go through its origin.This practice comes from Asia and has been used for over 2,000 years. The Chinese consider the sexual organs to be the center of our vital energy, the center that anchors us to the ground and sustains us to heaven.

Women who used this technique had no health problems, their beauty made them radiate a young air even if the years were saying something else. There was more Chi energy that brought health.

It has been for years a practice that, besides the physical and spiritual benefits, has inspired many paintings that focused on the development of sexual energy. The Chinese think that in the sexual energy it is at the basis of our lives and supports all profound processes of inner transformation, which is why they have pursued in their practices to cultivate this energy, to elevate it and transform it into spiritual energy.

The use of yoni eggs helps improve vaginal lubrication and moisture, for daily comfort, but also for sexual intercourse. The daily use of yoni eggs for a few minutes, in the morning or before bedtime, improves the health of the reproductive organs.


Although most women try to ignore the fact that the vagina is an important anatomical part and just as keen as the skin or teeth, the truth is that the vagina needs attention and enjoys it when it is received. Here are some tricks for a happy vagina.

Whether you have a sex partner or not, you need to know that the vagina needs sport. Constant exercises for toning vaginal muscles, or Kegel exercises, are not a joke. Even if you have a regular and satisfying sexual life, it does not seem to be enough to keep your vagina healthy and happy. Specialists recommend purchasing a yoni egg or special beads for Kegel exercises (can be purchased from any sex shop). These devices are not only beneficial for maintaining vaginal tonus, but also for maintaining the ability to create lubrication. The beads simply walk through your vagina and cause your vaginal walls to exercise. Many women claim that when wearing Kegel beads or yoni eggs after a while they no longer see them as being present in the vagina. In other words, use them with confidence; they will not disturb you from daily activities. You just have to be careful when you go to the toilet – it could fall. At first, experts recommend wearing them at night during sleep. You can wear these devices all day, they will not hurt you. Experiment: it can be pleasant, not just healthy.

Use lubricants

Lubricants are friends of the vagina. Whether you have already entered the menopause or have a hormonal imbalance, vaginal dryness is unpleasant and can cause problems, especially during sexual intercourse. You should never let your partner use saliva to wet the area (bacteria in his mouth may be dangerous to your vagina. Sex does not have to be dry or painful, and the use of a good lubricant keeps you from these troubles and obviously makes your vagina happy. Do not forget to use lubricant when using the jelly egg or Kegel beads that we talked about earlier.

Put your panties down!

Know that we do not joke at all: give your panties down, give up 24 to 24 hours. Let your intimate area breathe. She looks bold and crazy, but she tries to go out on a walk dressed with a long enough and matte skirt and sure, do not wake up as her wind rises or she can see her without wearing lingerie. You will feel incredibly free! Perhaps your abdomen wants to be tightly spandex or lycra, but your vagina wants cotton underwear or not at all. Not to mention that you should not wear intimate underwear when you are at home, much less during your sleep!

Use sex toys

Perhaps it seems to you a bit daring advice, but your vagina will enjoy if you use sex toys that are inserted inside the vagina, such as vibrators or dildos. Once again, please note that these tips are useful if you want to keep your vagina happy. The best sex toys of this kind are those that have the texture that imitates human skin, they are made of a material that picks up and holds the heat and has little weight on its own.

Do not use scented soaps

Imagine your vagina is a delicate flower. Scented soaps will dry and irritate the labia and the surrounding area. Your vagina likes natural, unspoiled soaps and warm water. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but you also need to wash yourself to avoid infections, pelvic inflammatory diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

Bioactive concentrated foam for daily hygiene. Gently cleanses without affecting the natural defense system of the tissue

Femi wash protects and maintain healthy tissues. Cleanses / disinfects very effectively without disturbing the natural defenses of the vagina. It contains lactic acid that allows the formation and improvement of vaginal acidity. Lactobacillus growth is stimulated and, therefore, vaginal flora is improved.

Give your vagina pleasure! You!


Masturbation gives the feeling of power to the woman who practices it, because when you know how to provoke an orgasm, you will not be afraid that your partner does not know how or that you need a partner to give you an orgasm. If you are not used to giving the only pleasure, give yourself time to know your body and especially the vagina. When a woman is well connected with her own vagina is actually connected with a creative energy force. When a woman loves his vagina and makes his vagina happy, he can make the world happy.

Eat also for your vagina

It is said that certain foods are able to change the smell and taste of the vagina. Obviously when you eat foods such as garlic, onion, asparagus or cabbage, the smell and taste of your vagina will change unpleasantly. Try to consume more berries, cucumbers and pineapple – it is said that your vagina will smell better than ever and will, of course, be happy for this reason.

Keep the food away from the vagina

In spite of what you see through more or less erotic movies, to make your vagina happy, food should be eaten not put into the vagina. Therefore, sexual games with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, fruit, ice cream or other foods should come out of your sexual practice. These games only make you prone to genital infections, urinary tract infections, mycosis and other local problems.

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